See Different ... Look Different

"Art is the Expression of the deepest Thought in the simplest Way" Albert Einstein

"Your destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" Henry Miller

This sentence sums up what I am when I travel.
When the idea of creating the wooden sunglasses line was born, I was immersed in the wonderful monkey forest, right in the center of Ubud, Bali. Being wrapped in so much fragrant, warm and protective wood was like returning to the origin of life.
So I decided that life had to be worn in all its essence. Hence the first Bali line of sunglasses entirely in wood. And it was the first step towards a revolution of lightness, resistance and style that I then continued on the Ibiza and Florence lines, my homes, mixing epoxy resin with wood.
But I didn't stop there. The passion for manual woodworking led me to create a line of rings, pendants and earrings, mixing gold and silver leaf but above all opal in its thousand shades, creating a line of unique and always different from each other, precisely because they are handmade.
The research work never ends. My mind never stops.
More wonders will be born, this is just the beginning.

Antonio Gabellone